Don Sibthorpe

Don has always been intrigued by natural structures and the natural world. As a child he would spend countless hours exploring the world around him, uncovering the many miniscule denizens of the outside world. He still spends as much time as possible scouring books and taking note of any interesting finds in the garden. He takes inspiration from any and all wildlife, be it a lowly woodlouse or a seed from some exotic orchid.

Working primarily with ceramics and metals, Don utilizes porcelain’s fine grain to hold detail and its pliable nature to achieve a fluid line and organic curve. It also has a great durability and unmatchable surface quality that can vary from silky smooth to hard and scaled. He offsets the hard stone-like qualities of porcelain with the liquid flow and supple nature of cast bronze or silver. Using little to no colouration, he relies on shading and form combined with the tactile natures of porcelain and bronze to make a piece. Each piece is unique.