Emily Garnham Wright

Emily was born in 1981 and grew up on a small, organic farm, a mile from the North Devon coast.
In 2003 she graduated from Herefordshire College of Art and Design with a BA (Hons) in Applied Arts.
She lives and works in North Devon and never ceases to be inspired by its landscapes and sea views.
Exquisite drawings, available as Limited Edition prints, and impressionist, original Watercolour paintings show Emily’s love of landscape and nature.

“Using delicate colour change, I paint watercolour landscapes, striving to create an impression of contours, planes, horizons and distance. They are usually titled with the date that inspired me, reflecting the variance in weathers, light and seasons. Their size (often smaller than A5) reflects what I see in the distant, miniaturised landscapes near the horizon.
“In contrast, my pen and ink drawings are sharply detailed, and are clearly recognisable and identifiable. I enjoy exploring the countryside in winter to find their subject matter, in particular, looking for bare, silhouetted trees. These are available as Limited Edition Prints.”